debbie grossman

As I was growing up, I would day dream while staring at paintings, trying to figure out how the artist achieved such perfection in creating people, objects, light and shadow. My paternal grandmother gave me many artist's tools, and I practiced for hours on end with enjoyment. Today, I paint in my studio on large canvases using my pallet knife as my brush. That way, I can achieve different textures and vibrant colors as I create works for my recent series, Colors of Life.

I love nature, and I'd like the viewer to see what they see, not necessarily what I want them to see. Everyone is different and their imaginations are different. I would like my artwork to bring serenity and beauty to the viewer.

The message of my art is to bring peace, tranquility, and beauty to the world through my paintings. A love of life and its beauty is highlighted by "Colors of Life". Through abstract expressionistic views of many of life’s most poignant moments, my splashes of color illustrate the joy that can be found just from being alive. Often with dream-like depictions of images from nature, the dance of color across the canvas evokes feelings of peace and the movement of life.

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